Supreme Flameguard CPVC Fire sprinkler pipe systems stand out as a cost-effective solution for all kinds of fire hazards, big or small. These pipes are crafted using a specially formulated UPVC compound, ensuring protection against fire risks with features like high corrosion resistance, enhanced hydraulics, and quick & easy installation.

Supreme CPVC Fire sprinkler systems have received approval from UL & NFPA, making them a reliable choice for safeguarding against potential fire incidents. These systems are best suited for Residential & Commercial applications, especially in areas with high rise buildings. These pipes offer a wide range of benefits, highlighting their effectiveness in improving fire safety.


Corrosion-Resistant Material: Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC material stands out for its resistance against rust, scaling, and pitting. These pipes avoid promoting biological growth, preventing the microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Whereas in the case of Metal Pipes, (MIC) does cause metal fire sprinklers to compromise on their performance.

Efficient Flow and Pressure: The system's smooth-wall interior surfaces contribute to reduced friction loss, ensuring a quick and constant discharge of water without the risk of interior corrosion. 

Cost-Effective Installation: Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC systems offer a cost-effective installation process. By eliminating prefabrication, these fire sprinkler pipe and fittings can be fully installed on-site using solvent cement joining methods, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional metal piping.

UL-Listed Reliability: The Supreme FlameGuard® C-PVC system is UL-1821 listed, providing assurance for NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D systems. The UL certificate number is 20150729-EX26525.