Highly safe

Every KAVACH cylinder is proven to be explosion-proof when tested, as per standards for fire tests


The cylinders are much lighter as compared to conventional steel cylinders

Wall translucency

Our composite cylinders are designed to have translucent walls that indicate the liquid gas level within them


The cylinders are non-corrosive, rust-, moisture-, and stain-proof, and have a UV-resistant outer casing

Ease of use

Every Supreme composite LPG cylinder is stackable, requires negligible maintenance, and is easy to handle unlike steel cylinders

Attractive design

All eight of our innovative cylinder variants are available in eye-catching colours

Frequently asked questions

Whom should I contact to get this cylinder?

You need to get in touch with the gas agencies in your region who market gas in Supreme ‘KAVACH’ brand cylinders

Do you sell cylinders to retail customers?

The cylinders are not sold to retail customers directly by Supreme.

What are the benefits of Supreme Composite Cylinder?

Supreme Composite cylinder is safe. It does not explode in case of fire. It is aesthetically beautiful and much lighter than steel cylinder.

How can you say the cylinders are safe?

The design has undergone stringent tests as per ISO 11119-3, EN 12245 and EN 14427 international standards

What is the life of this cylinder?

The cylinders are tested for life over 20 years

How the cylinders should be cleaned?

The cylinders can be cleaned with mild detergent

Can I see the gas level inside the cylinder?

The cylinders are translucent and shaking the cylinder, you can see the liquid gas level

As of now, which government oil companies in India are providing this cylinder?

HPCL and IOCL are marketing gas in Supreme ‘KAVACH’ cylinders

How should I handle the composite cylinder?

As the cylinder weighs less, You should lift the cylinder with both handles, you should not roll or drop the cylinder, you should not keep hot articles on the handles.

Apart from cooking where can we use the Supreme ‘KAVACH’ cylinders?

The light weight Supreme composite cylinders can be used for barbeque, garden lights, room warming, poultry farms etc.

Is the cylinder tested for temperatures over 500 C?

Fire tests are conducted with LPG filled cylinders in temperature environments over 500 C

In case of fire, what will happen to the composite cylinder?

In case of fire, the outer plastic casing and the resin system of the composite burns out allowing the gas to escape and not build pressures which explodes the cylinders and spread fire due to bleeve.