At Supreme Pipes, we specialise in providing complete plumbing solutions with our high-quality pipes, created using advanced manufacturing techniques for enduring strength. Our pipes, including CPVC pipes and UPVC pipes, are built to resist corrosion and cracking, ensuring a reliable, leak-proof performance for transporting potable water. Made of tough materials, they deflect UV rays, chemicals, corrosion, and are durable, making them suitable for various applications such as homes, businesses, and industries and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Supreme Pipes offers a broad range of plumbing solutions to cater to diverse needs for both commercial or residential projects. Explore comprehensive selection of CPVC pipes and UPVC pipes from Supreme Pipes.

CPVC Pipes: Engineered for outstanding high-temperature & Corrosion resistance, our high pressure CPVC pipes guarantee hot water delivery in residential and commercial applications. This advanced plumbing system technology ensures long-lasting, leak-free performance and premature replacement. CPVC Pipes are the go to choice for reliable hot water management. 

UPVC Pipes: Provide superior chemical resistance and minimal maintenance, our UPVC pipes deliver clean, uncontaminated cold water across diverse applications. Offers optimal flow resistance and robust durability for cost-effective, long-lasting performance, UPVC pipes are the go-to choice for reliable cold water management. Explore our UPVC pipes and fittings for secure connections.

PVC Pipes: offer a winning combination of safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Trusted for various applications, these pipes stand out for their resilience and eco-friendly features.


Other Plumbing Essentials from Supreme include:


    • Solvent Cements: Securely join PVC, UPVC, CPVC, and PPR pipes with our diverse range of solvent cements for durable, leak-proof connections.
    • Rubber Lubricant: Simplify thread assembly and disassembly with our rubber lubricant for plumbing, ensuring smooth connections and minimising wear.
    • Thread Sealant: Enhance leak prevention and pressure integrity in any system with our reliable thread sealant.
    • Compression Fittings: Fast, convenient, and leak-proof connections with our versatile compression fittings, ideal for various plumbing applications.

Whether it's CPVC hot water pipes, PVC pipes in India, water pressure pipes, PVC solvent, PVC primer and cement, heavy body solvent cement, medium body solvent cement, regular-bodied solvent cement, or plastic pipes and fittings – Supreme Pipes has you covered.