Barrier Films For Lamitube

Lamitubes are manufactured from fusing multi-layer laminate film with the foil in a well-tested process to result in a 5-layer laminate tube. These tubes can also be used in pharmaceuticals as the incorporation of EVOH in the laminates ensures high stability and makes a barrier for strong chemicals.


  1. Highly stable and acts as a good barrier to strong chemicals
  2. Hygienic barriers for food substances
  3. A durable and strong barrier that protects substances from UV rays
  4. Leakproof and thermal resistant
  5. Available in all shapes and sizes


  • - Beauty and cosmetic products
  • - Pharma and health-related products
  • - Packaging used in the food industry
  • - Pest control products, shoe wax, multipurpose grease
  • - Oral hygiene products that have a high concentration of acids or chemicals