Edible Oil Film

5 layer PE Nylon film for edible oil pouches are widely used to extend the shelf life of the products. They have high barrier properties against oxygen, moisture and other environmental damages. It is an efficient method to save cost on packaging of edible oil or other sensitive products and enable safe delivery of them to the end consumer.


Thickness - 72µ to 110µ


  1. Wide range of oxygen transmission rates for an extended packed product shelf life
  2. High barrier properties against gas and moisture
  3. High resistance to oil and solvents and excellent aroma retention power
  4. Low leakage, high filling rate providing more profit to users
  5. Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness, making it cost-efficient
  6. Higher burst strength and great resistance to puncture
  7. Excellent sealing property
  8. Excellent strength allows downgauging the thickness and provides superior stiffness
  9. Higher temperature resistant films
  10. Excellent printability suitable for attractive packaging


These pouches are used in the packaging of-

  • - Edible Oil
  • - Ghee, Vanaspati
  • - Lubricant Oil