Lidding Films

Lidding films (easy peel) are tailor-made into various EVOH, PA, and PE films. Our lidding films have consistently raised the bar in terms of quality and versatility in the packaging industry. These include Easy Peel, Reseal, Multi seal, Smart Peel lidding films. They are customizable and are widely used in the food industry for vegetables, yogurt, meats, frozen meals, and more.


Thickness: 30µ to 250µ

Print: Single color logo prints and 8 colors

Options: Natural, pigmented, and tinted

Print technology: C I flexo & roto gravure printing

Structure: MB - Medium Barrier, HB - High Barrier, HT - High-temperature resistance

Flexible Applications


  1. Exceeds consumer expectations for easy-to-open packaging
  2. No knives or scissors needed
  3. Customisable peel strength
  4. Runs just like the regular film for no machine downtime
  5. Wide range of oxygen and moisture transmission rates for an increased shelf life
  6. Excellent gloss and clarity
  7. Exceptional aroma retention power
  8. High puncture resistance, hot tack, and sealing properties
  9. Superior mechanical properties at low thickness
  10. High-temperature resistance films and retains strength at freezing temperatures
  11. Easy-peel, UV, anti-fog, and special coating
  12. Wide variety of easy and lock seal option with the different substrate (PP, PE, PET, PVC, Aluminum, PS)
  13. Special seal layer that seals at low temperatures through liquid products
  14. Optimal lay flat properties


  • - Fruits, vegetables, salads, and more
  • - Yogurt, meats, lunch meats, and cheeses
  • - Frozen meals, sides, appetizers, and vegetables