Thermoformable Films

Thermoformable films provide superior package integrity, excellent formability, outstanding gloss, and clarity with precise cutting characteristics. They protect and preserve food quality and enhance food safety, while delivering cost effective solutions. With innovative proprietary and advanced patented technology, these films ensure your product maintains maximum shelf-life and superior presentation.


Thickness: 120µ to 280µ

Print: Single color logo prints and 8 colors

Options: Natural, pigmented, and tinted

Structure: MB - Medium Barrier, HB - High Barrier, HT - High temperature resistance, LF - Laminated Films


  1. Outstanding forming properties that enable various deep draws with thinner forming films & thicker corners
  2. Super sealing properties retain strength, even at freezing temperatures.
  3. Wide range of oxygen transmission rates for an increased packed product shelf life.
  4. Excellent mechanical properties conform to your equipment with high puncture resistance.
  5. Excellent barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen and aroma.
  6. High temperature resistance PE/PA thermoforming films.
  7. Special seal layer that seals at low temperatures.


Multilayer Coextruded Cook-Chill Thermoforming Films

  • - Meat products and sausages
  • - Fish and poultry
  • - Chees
  • - Ham and deep frozen products
  • - Bread and dairy products

High Barrier Thermoforming Film

  • - Dates

Flexible Cast Coextrusion EVOH Thermoforming Film

  • - Hot-fill applications
  • - Low-temperature sealing

Roll Stock Thermoforming Film For Health Care Products

  • - High glossy appearance
  • - Superior aroma retention
  • - Deep draw applications