Five & Seven Layer Co-Extruded Nylon Film

Our multilayer films are available in three, five, and seven layers and find their way in diverse applications. We have 7 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films from 40µ -250µ and widths up to 2200mm, 5 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films from 40µ - 250µ with width up to 1050mm, tubular films from 450mm-1100mm, 3 layer films from 50µ - 300µ up to 2100mm.


Thickness: 50µ to 90µ

40µ for export purposes.


  1. Gas barrier
  2. Aroma barrier
  3. Flavor retention
  4. Chemical resistance
  5. Vacuum packing


  • - Food industry for packaging
  • - Cosmetic packaging
  • - Packaging of agricultural chemicals