High Barrier Drum Liners

High barrier drum liners are cost-effective barriers against moisture, oxygen, and other damaging agents of the environment. They have an excellent puncture-resistant property that protects the product inside from damage during transportation. These are customized liner shapes and sizes that adapt to your filling lines.


Customized liner shapes and sizes to easily adapt to your filling lines

Optimize efficiencies with custom filling, handling, and dispensing features


  1. Protect against moisture, oxygen, and environmental contamination with efficient and cost-effective barrier
  2. Shield high-value products from UV light to prevent material color change
  3. Protect product during transportation with durable puncture-resistant properties
  4. Withstand tears and increase maximum seam strength with heat sealable packaging


Multilayer Coextruded Cook-Chill Thermoforming Films

  • - Hygroscopic resins (Nylon, Surlyn®, EVOH)
  • - Engineered resins and compounds (PLA and PVB)
  • - Dry chemicals used in:
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Automotive
  • - Agricultural
  • - Construction
  • - Food products- Nuts, Flaxseed, Sunflower seed, Coffee, Spices, amongst others.