PA Base Vacuum Films

PA Base films are suitable for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging which increases the shelf life of products stored within them. The films are based on Polyamide (BOPA and PA) which results in good flexibility, resistance to high temperatures, and puncture resistance properties. They are suitable for applications with heat treatments too.


Structure: MB-Medium Barrier, HB-High Barrier, HT-High temperature resistance, LF-Laminated Films

Film Thickness:40-200µ

Print: Single color logo prints & 8 colors

Print technology: C I Flexo & Roto gravure printing

Options: Natural, Pigmented & Tinted


  1. Ultra-high clarity
  2. Available in EVOH high barrier for special applications
  3. Standard or cook-in ( sous vide )
  4. Puncture resistance
  5. Three side seal & side seal pouches
  6. Option of printed / non printed pouches
  7. Multilayer films are available in all common widths.


PA base vacuum pouches are suitable for packing a wide range of perishable products such as-

  • - Spices
  • - Snacks (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish, sea-shells, dry nuts, cashews, walnuts, olives, etc.)