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Water is life – and life on the earth is linked to water. Next to air, our existence depends on water. Civilizations are built around water. Thus collection, storage, transportation and use of water are vital for human existence. Now a day’s, droughts and water scarcity are very common. In this situation, water and piping systems used for its conveyance and management becomes more crucial and important. We need various types of piping systems for various applications. For efficient use of water we need efficient piping systems. In last few decades various advanced plastics piping systems are developed for various applications. Many alternative materials and products are being continually developed across the world.
In India, plastic piping systems have already gained acceptance. New vistas have now been opened in Hot and Cold water supply, Soil and Waste disposal, Cooling and heating systems, Rainwater Disposal/Harvesting systems, etc. This is mainly due to the great value addition offered by Plastic Pipe systems such as corrosion resistance, less frictional losses, light weight, easy handling, simple jointing, long life, and cost saving.
The Supreme Industries has been in the forefront in development of many innovative plastic piping products. Supreme is credited with pioneering several path breaking piping products and has been a torch bearer in transition from conventional to advance a plastic piping system in the country. Supreme understands and appreciates the varied needs of its customer, then fuelling research and innovation.

Plastics Piping Division:

Supreme is the renowned leader of India’s plastic industry having valuable experience in providing innovative and cost-effective piping solution. The company’s objective is to meet the growing needs of its clientele in water, waste management and infrastructure sector through specially developed high performance range of piping products. Supreme’s wide range of piping products caters to almost every application segment. Each product has been custom-designed to match the specific needs of a specific application, which makes it practically sound.
Supreme has established a mega project at Gadegaon – just 18 kms away from Jalgaon city. The entire set-up is certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and BSOHSAS: 18001 Occupational Health Certification. This world-class project is the first of its kind in the country in terms of size, technology and product range.
Whether the requirement is for buildings and installations, or for civil construction and infrastructure, i.e. whether the requirement is for above-the ground or for underground applications, the ground reality is that, Supreme is the one-stop shop for everything in plastic piping products. The current product portfolio of Supreme comprises a vast spectrum of pipes and fittings totaling around 7000 diverse products manufactured as per various national and international standards. It can be proudly stated that Supreme products are being exported to more than 20 countries across the globe including quality conscious markets like U.K, Australia and New Zealand. Supreme is consistent winner of national awards for its outstanding export performance.

Innovation: A key to success

Product development and continuous up-gradation of quality is our endeavor. Supreme was the first to bring S.W.R. drainage system in uPVC to India which has successfully replaced the conventional C.I. system, at a reduced cost. Similarly, aqua gold uPVC high pressure plumbing system, Indo green PP-R – hot and cold water system, Eco-drain structured-wall hi-tech pipes and now Nu-drain Underground Drainage System with readymade “Ultra” inspection chambers and manholes, Skyrise hi-tech low noise SWR drainage system, “Safegard” readymade septic tanks and “Amrutam” underground water tanks are some of the path-breaking piping products pioneered indigenously by the company.

Meeting the highest quality standard:

Supreme is at the forefront of continuous quality improvement and is known for continuously seeking to reduce adverse environmental impacts. Systematic quality planning in the development of processes and products, quality assurance in the selection and procurement of raw materials, use of latest testing equipments and comprehensive quality control in production, processes etc. ensures consistently superior quality and makes them highly dependable.
Supreme is deeply committed to excellence in product design and development, processing etc. with the purpose of offering world class products.


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